Farm Animal Services

Aeron Vets has a strong tradition of farm animal work and we have a team of experienced farm animal clinicians who play an important part in the local farming community. We are available 24hours a day, 365 days a year to provide the best possible cover, emmergency treatment and advice.                                                                                                                                                                                    We tend to tackle most of the problems encountered on farms, and the services we offer regularly include;
Fertility work and pregnancy diagnosis
Mastitis management
Herd Health Planning
Cow and Sheep Obstetrics
Surgical Procedures
Disease Management
Rational use of Wormers and FEC’s
Neonatal Medicine
Calf Respiratory Disease Management
Ram Vasectomies
Bull Fertility Assessments
Ministry Work
Close Links with the VLA

Our aim is to provide the farmer with health care tailored to the needs of his individual herd, alongside an efficient emmergency and out of hours service.
Disease Control: We try to intergrate our veterinary services as part of a whole farm pro-active/preventative medicine approach, and help farmers to acheive disease control through the use of co-ordinated vaccination programmes, based on the individual farm problems identified. We use bulk milk sampling, blood testing and an in house feacal egg counting service to aid diagnosis, and monitor the disease status of the farm.
Mastitis: We have a couple of vets with a specific interest in mastitis and who keep up to date with all the current industry research, so we are able to provide current analysis and treatments for your mastitis problems. We can arrange assessments of the parlour and milking routine, laboratory investigation and interpretation, analysis of NMR and CIS milk records, individual cow traetment in outbreaks and regular continued advice on the management of persistant high cell count cows.
Fertility: Fertility management is key to meeting production targets as reproductive efficacy is a major limiting factor in the economic success of cattle operations, and as vets we can help with- early scanning for pregnancy, investigation and treatment of non bulling cows, monitoring of oestrus detection, and interpretation of farm records and bull fertility testng.
Calf Health: The recovery of healthy calves and their development into replacement heifers is key in getting a productive herd, and the production of quality beef crosses can be an important income source. (link to understanding and preventing infectious calf diarrhoea)
Lameness Control: Even basic things such as lameness can improve with veterinary input. We can assist with investigation into the causes of lameness per individual farm, and advise on footbathing protocols aswell as the treatment of afflicted cows.

Infectious Calf diarrhoea
FEC’s (fecal egg counts)